Owning The Power Suit Trend - 5 Ways To Style Them This Season

Long gone are the days when power suits saw daylight only on some chilly winter nights or were only donned by women for corporate events. Laid-back silhouettes and voluminous luxe blazers are now leading the way for women's fashion. With the introduction of new colors and patterns, the power suit has seen a whole new change in its meaning. 

From celebrities to social media influencers to professionals alike, everyone is sporting the sleek look of a power suit. As it takes the world by storm, now more than ever, there is no better way to exude confidence and command respect than owning the power suit trend. 

While earlier, we saw a plain shirt tucked in pants and a blazer on top in neutral colors, nowadays, shorts and skirts have replaced pants, and smart blouses or crop tops have replaced the traditional shirt. People also don the power suit in patterns and colors while accessorizing them with jewelry of their choice. 

Let's look at how one can really own a power suit. 

How To Own The Trend? 

  • Firstly, choose the right fabric and fit for your suit. A well-tailored power suit will flatter your figure and make you feel confident. Look for pieces made from materials that won't wrinkle easily.

  • Have fun with colors and patterns! The power suit could also be bold and eye-catching, so don't be afraid to go for bright colors or unexpected details like lapels or buttons. 

  • Next, accessorize! Jewelry can really bring an outfit together, so get creative with your jewelry choices. Chunky statement pieces or dainty delicate items can both look great when paired with a power suit.

What Are The Different Ways To Style It? 

While anyone can own a pantsuit, it takes a little oomph and pizzazz to make it say “POWER”. There is tons of diversity in the selection of power suits currently on the market. But do you know what is more diverse? The ample ways of styling them! These range from brash to subtle and from modern spins to sticking to the classic style - and can be worn with t-shits, turtlenecks, brassieres, button-down shirts - anything and everything. 

Here are a few lesser-known and unconventional ways to move beyond tradition and style the power suit the way you want: 

  • Cinch it With a Belt: Belted blazers or cinching of the blazer with a statement-making belt will create a waistline, giving you an hourglass silhouette. You can also customize this look by embracing another trend - define your waist with a belt bag layered over your blazer. We guarantee you this look is as functional as it is chic. 

    • Go Shirtless: Around the world, celebrities are popularising this method by ditching the shirt and sporting a plunging neckline. Additionally, for an unexpected and ultra-sexy look, you can mix and match with a lacy bra instead of a top or a shirt. Pair this up with chunky jewelry and matching bags to give it a bolder look.

    • Cropped Blazer: For a casual outdoorsy weekend look, a cropped blazer is the cool-girl approach you need. A subtly cropped blazer paired with high-waist pants is a flattering look that you wouldn't want to take off. 

    • Shorten It Up: The skirt suit is back to take the world by storm! For women of today, it is no longer formal workwear; but a really fun piece to style and make it your own. It may be dressed up with a shirt and large statement earrings or down with a T-shirt and sneakers for a more laid-back appearance. 

    • Color-Blocking: Who said your power suits need to be monochromatic? Break the rules, create stirs and make heads turn as you stand in a crowd sporting a merge of contrasting colors. After all, isn't it always a surprise when opposites come together to create a show-stopping look? 

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